The Takoma Park Community Band was founded in March 1974 by Mr. Crofton L. M. (Roy) Corbin, from the Island of Barbados, in the West Indies. He began his music career as a trumpet player in Barbados Police Band and continued his music education by attending the Royal College of Music in England. After graduation he returned to Barbados and continued to play with the Barbados Police Band for several years. Later he joined the Jamaica Regimental Band and distinguished himself as a trumpet and cornet soloist.

In the early 1970s, Mr. Corbin migrated to the U.S.A., settled in Maryland and became involved in a Music Program designed to support both Takoma Park and Blair Elementary School Students. His involvement in this program led to the formation of an adult band. The Takoma Park City Council passed an ordinance to adopt the band as the official band of the city, and it was renamed the Takoma Park Municipal Band. At a later date, in order to reflect the band’s involvement in the community and the city, the name was changed to the Takoma Park Community Band.

Originally the band was under the leadership of Mr. Corbin and band directors of Blair High School and Takoma Park Middle School. Mr. Corbin became the director in 1974 and continued in this position for 15 years. In 1989, he returned to his native land, the Island of Barbados in the West Indies.

After Mr. Corbin’s departure, Dr. Ryle Bell, current band president, led the group until Mr. Lafayette Jackson, a teacher in the District of Columbia metro public schools, assumed the baton. Presently, the band is led by conductors Mr. Thomas Bland, Mr. Robert Palian, and Mr. Gerald Younger.


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